Enabling and Disabling Webchat Visibility

You can allow the Hubtype Desk user to hide the webchat at any time. By calling an API to the backend, you can indicate whether the webchat must be shown.

Note: This functionality is available from Botonic v0.13.0 and above.

  1. To enable the webchat view on a permanent basis, you must pass the visibility parameter to true in webchat/index.js.
export const webchat = { visibility: true }
  1. To control the webchat visibility, you can define the webchat view with a function that returns true (visible) or false (not visible).
Botonic.render(document.getElementById('root'), {
appId: 'MY APP ID',
visibility: function () {
const result =
return Boolean(result)

Therefore, in Hubtype Desk:

  • The checkbox is set to visible.
  • The requester url is in the whitelisted domains.
  • The queue linked to the webchat is open.

Note: The webchat is still visible if no settings are defined (webchat without set values) and if the whitelisted urls list is empty, e.g. []

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