Botonic is an open source framework developed by Hubtype.
Hubtype is the easiest way to deploy and integrate your bot.

Why React?

Building chatbots is a lot like building websites, that's why Botonic uses the same abstractions used in React, like routes, components and JSX, so you can build modern conversational interfaces (with text, NLP, rich interactive messages and webviews) using technology you already know and love.

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Routes, Components, JSX... use all the features you're already familiar with to build your chatbot.
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Talk to your bot right on your terminal so you can iterate fast or run our local server for a richer interaction.
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Easily train Botonic's Natural Language Understanding and turn complex user inputs into manageable intents.
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Human readable logs, actionable error messages and tools to inspect the state of your bot.
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CRMs, analytics, helpdesks, or your own custom APIs, we got you covered.
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Publish your chatbot with a single command:
> botonic deploy
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