Enabling and Disabling Buttons

This functionality allows you to disable a button once the user has clicked on it. Thanks to this visual information, the user must follow a specific flow, which helps him to to better understand the logical flow and navigate more easily.

Remember that:

  • To add this property by default, you must set autodisable: true in the webchat index.js.
  • The button style can be customized thanks to the disabledstyle property.
  • These properties can be applied to buttons that are embedded in a carousel.
  • If you define the property in a specific component, the property defined in index.js is overwritten.


export const webchat = {
theme: {
style: {
width: 500,
button: {
disabledstyle: {
opacity: 0.5,
cursor: 'auto',
pointerEvents: 'none',
backgroundColor: 'green',
autodisable: true,

In button.js, if you add:

Here I display two types of buttons, the first one is a URL button and the second is a payload button:
<Button payload='https://botonic.io' autodisable={false}>Visit botonic.io</Button>
<Button payload='carousel'>Show me a carousel</Button>

You should get something like:

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