Quick Replies


The Reply component, or Quick Replies allows you to present options in a message to a bot user.


PropertyTypeDescriptionRequiredDefault value
childrenStringShow the replyYes-
pathStringURL of image to be displayed on the quick reply buttonIf payload is defined, no need to define path-
payloadString, NumberCustom data that are sent backIf path is defined, no need to define payload-


I will show you three quickreplies. One with a payload, one to go to an action
and another to pass values to that action:
<Reply payload='yes'>Cool</Reply>
<Reply path='paradise'>Take me to paradise</Reply>
<Reply path='paradise?withfruit=coconut'>To a better paradise</Reply>

Note: Buttons and quick replies can have a url link, a payload attached, a href attribute, or an action to be triggered. When passing parameters through actions as seen in the example, the data will be accessible in the field params inside the botonicInit function.

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