0.16.0 - 2020-20-11


  • @botonic/core

    • Added new matcher request matcher and pass lastRoutePath to current bot context. #1086



  • @botonic/react

    • Added missing storage key in constructor, now storageKey works as expected.
    • Automatically call onMessage when receiveng messages coming from server-side.
    • Added missing call to stringifyWithRegexs causing some regexes not being updated in local/session storages. Fixed react warnings (produced by npm run test), log deprecated props in custom messages. #1063 Deprecated props:
      • enableTimestamps => enabletimestamps
      • imagesStyle => imagestyle
    • Fixed sending of unsent inputs to be more consistent.
    • Fixed onClose being called on the very first render of the app.
    • Fixed WebchatSettings component not updating settings correctly.
    • Set ack to 1 for custom user messages by default.
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