0.15.0 - 2020-27-10


  • @botonic/react

    • New webchat features:

      • Added new target prop to Button component to define the behavior to open links.
      • Added new WhatsappTemplate component for Webchat.
      • New getBotonicApp() to access Botonic methods.
      • Added a new webchat setting storageKey that indicates the key name to use in order to store the webchat state in localStorage (or sessionStorage).
  • @botonic/plugin-contentful

    • Improvements in Content.validate of text & shortText fields

      • Validate text.text also if content has no keywords (it could be accessed through a button)
      • Before, when shortText was empty, the contentful driver set it with the value of the name field (to ensure buttons did not show blank texts). Now this is managed by the Button model, so that MessageContent.validate() can report it.
      • Improved ContentsValidator. Now it's possible to report the detected errors into a callback.
    • New CMS method to deliver content by id when the content type is unknown.

    • Added NLP support for German.


  • Project

    • Improved script to automatically bump versions for Botonic packages (it also updates references to other Botonic dependencies).
    • Improved documentation
  • @botonic/nlu

    • Refactored and migrated NLU engine to Typescript. Read the new docs here.


  • @botonic/cli

    • Fixed imports in templates which were broken after 0.14.0 change in entry files.
    • Added validation of templates and examples in CI
  • @botonic/react

    • session properties now are merged and updated correctly.
    • Avoid customMessage to crash if they have bad children. Some bots may store no-react objects in children.
    • Fixed error appearing in some tests: Received true for a non-boolean attribute markdown. Caused by styled-components.
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