0.13.0 - 2020-15-06


  • Project

    • Scripts to upgrade dependencies, prepare botonic packages and update packages version.
  • @botonic/react

    • New webchat features:

      • Added support for custom Cover Component which will be shown when the chat is initiated. You can use it in order to collect information from enduser just before to start the conversation.
      • Now webchat will be displayed depending on the settings present in Hubtype Desk (set visibility: 'dynamic' in webchat/index.js to enable them, or as a parameter in Botonic.render({appId:'YOUR_APP_ID', visibility: 'dynamic'}). You can also pass a custom value or a custom function returning a boolean to handle webchat visbility (also through visibility option).
      • Added Botonic.getVisibility() function which returns a promise resolving to true or false depending on Hubtype Desk webchat visibility settings.
      • Added new WebchatSettings component to allow changing webchat features and styles dynamically.


  • Project

    • Updated breaking uuid dependencies.
    • Migrated documentation from Docusaurus v1 to v2 for better support.


  • @botonic/cli

    • Optimized bundle sizes for templates by using moment-locales-webpack-plugin: updated template dependencies and webpack.config
    • Updated intent template (improved flow and more detailed descriptions to be less confusing for the developer)
  • @botonic/core

    • Construct headers dynamically to ensure bad headers are not sent to the backend
  • @botonic/react

    • Fixed enduser inputs to only process links instead of full markdown. Allow also custom messages defined with from user props.
    • Fixed wrong value being send when button of persistent menu is clicked and its text is send to the chat.
    • Fixed and updated Facebook Messenger Extensions SDK which was causing issues with Webviews.
    • Added missing webchat property enableUserInput.
    • Fixed carousel disaligned buttons styles to be at same height
  • @botonic/nlu

    • Fixed nlu processing hidden files. This affected on the results obtained in development mode.
    • Updated and freezed @tensorflow/tfjs-node and @tensorflow/tfjs dependencies to 1.7.3 which were automatically updating to higher versions with bugs, introducing bugs to training processes.
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