0.11.0 - 2020-25-03


  • Project

    • Github Actions workflow which runs linter and tests
    • Development dependencies are centralized in parent folder.
    • Pre-commit for all packages.
  • @botonic/cli

    • New ability to deploy specifying the Hubtype credentials as Botonic's CLI command arguments.
  • @botonic/core

    • New inspector to debug route matching.
  • @botonic/react

    • General features:
      • Type definitions improvement in index.d.ts.
    • New webchat features:
      • New Multichannel HOC, which automatically converts your interactive components to text-based components for WhatsApp.
      • New default animations in webchat: Messages are now displayed with a fade-in effect and clickable elements are rescaled with the hovering function. You can disable them in the webchat's theme object through animationsEnabled or animations.enabled properties.
      • New β€˜Send’ button (enabled by default). You can disable it by setting userInput.sendButton.enable to false. You can also use your own created component with userInput.sendButton.custom.
      • New Botonic.clearMessages() method to force the deletion of the messages stored in the webchat.
  • @botonic/plugin-contentful

    • Improve tokenization of words containing hyphens and number (eg. covid-19).
    • Improve tokenization of "pronoms febles" in Catalan.
    • New API to update the texts of contentful contents.
    • Tool for translators to translate the content texts through CSV files.
    • Now buttons can refer to contentful queues (or any other top content).
    • Now all Content's have the "id" field.


  • Project

    • Dependabot to check for updates on a weekly basis.
    • Development dependencies are now installed in the repository top folder (parent config).
  • @botonic/cli

    • Breaking change: The Minimal Node version is now node-v10.19.0
    • Webpack's resolve configuration is now unified into resolveConfig object.
  • @botonic/react

    • Breaking change: emojiPicker property is renamed enableEmojiPicker.
    • All styles of the project are converted into Styled Components.
  • @botonic/plugin-contentful

    • Upgrade to typescript 3.8
    • Breaking change: Refactor TopContent and Content base classes. ModelType renamed to TopContentType.
    • Breaking change: Refactor so that SearchResult now returns ContentId's instead of ContentCallback's.
    • Now only the required language-specific NLP.js folders are imported. This enables tree shaking to exclude big sentiment analysis files.
    • Error reporting decorator now also reports the originating exception.
    • Flag to disable the CMS delivery cache.
  • @botonic/plugin-dynamodb

    • Upgrade to typescript 3.8
    • Breaking change: Move Env to its own file to ease tree-shaking


  • @botonic/react

    • Noto Sans JP now does not show up as default typography.
    • simplebar deprecation warnings have been resolved
    • Fixed outer page scrolling that produced unstable behavior.
    • Fixed noopener parameter/option to avoid security risk in location links.
    • Fixed compromise import in @botonic/cli's nlu template.
    • Webviews are now rendered within div instead of iframe for a better visualization when developing locally without affecting production builds
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