0.10.0 - 2019-12-03


  • Added changelog.
  • Native support for mobile devices for Webchat. Customizable breakpoint (mobileBreakpoint, webchat/index.js).
  • Enable media attachments for Webchat (userInput.attachments.enable of webchat/index.js).
  • Enable an emoji picker for Webchat (userInput.emojiPicker, webchat/index.js).
  • Customizable scrollbar for Webchat (theme.scrollbar , webchat/index.js). Now the default scrollbar's style will be like the one in OS X systems for all platforms (Mac, Linux and Windows).
  • New handoff options for handling cases with Hubtype's Desk. Refer to Human Handoff section.
  • Customization of Webchat's header, userInput bottom area, userInput text box, replies, buttons styles and webview header (header.style, reply.style, button.style, userInput.style, userInput.box.style, webchat.header.style, webchat/index.js).
  • Cancel's label of the Webchat's persistent menu can now be changed by passing to persistentMenu the object {closeLabel: 'newCloseLabel'}.
  • export const config = { defaultDelay: 1, defaultTyping: 2 } can be added to src/index.js to define a global configuration for typing and delay options.



  • Typography now will be changed in a proper way for all Webchat components by passing the fontFamily attribute in theme.style in webchat/index.js.
  • Webchat's triangles of messages bubbles (bot/user) are now modified according to style.background passed to botMessageStyle or userMessageStyle.
  • Typing indicator not showing up when messages had delay/typing as webchat didn't scroll to bottom.
  • Now typing and delay work properly in production.
  • Remove errors prompted in browser developer's console by changing dep @rebass/grid to rebass.
  • Carousels with just one element won't be broken.
  • Using staticAsset in custom-webchat template that produced a bug in production.
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