Plugin Luis

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What Does This Plugin Do?

Botonic plugin that use LUIS as NLU service. The variables intent, confidence, entities and intents will be automatically available inside the input object.


To integrate your bot with Luis, you must use the intent example, which comes with @botonic/plugin-luis by default.

  1. Run botonic new test-bot intent to install the plugin automatically.
  2. Add the plugin to the src/plugins.js file.
export const plugins = [
id: 'luis',
resolve: require('@botonic/plugin-luis'),
options: {
region: 'YOUR_REGION',
endpointKey: 'YOUR_ENDPOINT_KEY',


  1. Import the plugin in src/index.js. src/index.js
    export { routes } from './routes'
    export { locales } from './locales'
    export { plugins } from './plugins'
    export { webchat } from './webchat'
    export { webviews } from './webviews'
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