Plugin Dynamodb

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What Does This Plugin Do?

This plugin writes tracks about the user's behavior to a DynamoDB table.


  1. Install the plugin from npm (or yarn):
npm i @botonic/plugin-dynamodb
  1. Add it to the src/plugins.js file:
import * as dynamodb from '@botonic/plugin-dynamodb'
id: 'dynamodb',
resolve: dynamodb,
options: {
//env: isProd() ? 'pro': 'dev',
env: 'pro', // or 'dev'
accessKeyId: 'your AWS access key id',
secretAccessKey: 'your AWS secret access key',
region: 'your AWS region',
timeout: 2500, // timeout in millisecons
}, //You can add in 'options' field any DynamoDB.ClientConfiguration from the AWS library


const dynamodb = plugins.dynamodb
dynamodb.track((botId, user, 'login', {country: 'ES'})
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