Get Started with Botonic Framework

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Install Botonic
npm install -g @botonic/cli

First, install Node.js. Then, install the latest Botonic command-line tools in your terminal. Windows is not supported yet.

Create a bot
botonic new myBot tutorial

Create a new bot from the tutorial template. Botonic will automatically scaffold the project structure, install all the required dependencies and make the first build.

Feel free to browse through the files and read the code, we've included lots of comments so you can understand what every piece of code does.

Run your bot
cd myBot
botonic serve

Navigate to http://localhost:8080 and start an interactive chat session in your browser. Type "start" and follow the dialog with the bot, it will teach you some basic concepts. Try changing some code, the server will recompile and reload the page automatically.

Create a new route

Now we're going to make the chatbot answer to the input "What time is it?".

Edit the file src/routes.js and add a new rule in the "routes" array. The code in the right side shows how to map any input whose text matches a regular expression with an action. In this case, we're mapping all inputs that contain the word "time" to an action that we'll create in the next step.

Create a new action

Actions are just React components in the folder src/actions. Create a new file time.js there and copy the code on the left.

You'll notice that your local server reloaded, so go back to the browser and ask the bot: "what time is it?".

Deploy your bot
botonic deploy

Upload your bot to cloud. You can create an account right from the terminal. Then enter a name for your bot and that's it, your bot will be deployed in a few seconds!

Connect a messenger

Log in to Hubtype's dashboard and integrate a messenger like Telegram or Facebook Messenger so that users can reach you.

Congratulations! You're done 🎉
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