Local and Session Storage

By default, Botonic stores its state in the localStorage With localStorage, the stored data is saved across browser sessions.

However, for security and privacy reasons, you may have to avoid storing bot data when the page session ends.

That's why Botonic also allows you to store on the sessionStorage, which gets cleared once the page is closed.

If you don't want to store anything in the browser, you must use the null variable.

To specify the required storage type, add:

export const webchat = {
storage: {localStorage|sessionStorage|null}

Storage Key

The webchat setting storageKey indicates the key name to use in order to store the webchat status in localStorage or sessionStorage.

PropertyTypeRequiredDefault value
storageKeyObject or functionYesbotonicState

It can be an object or a function returning the storageKey value.

Define a storageKey parameter in the webchat settings:

const webchat = {
storageKey: 'myCustomBotonicStateKey'

Or using a function:

const webchat = {
storageKey: () => 'myCustomBotonicStateKey'
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