Plugin Watson

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What Does This Plugin Do?

This plugin allows you to integrate Watson Assistant v1 in your Botonic project. It works like any other AI/NLU services plugin, like Dialogflow, LUIS, etc.

Once installed within your project, this plugin will send the user input to a workspace and receive a response.

The plugin retrieves the call results to enhance the input object. You can then use this data in your routes and actions.

Example of an input object received from a user:

"type": "text",
"data": "What's the weather?"

Example of the same input object after being processed by this plugin:

"type": "text",
"data": "What's the weather?",
"intent": "getWeather",
"confidence": 0.9485,
"intents": [],
"entities": []


  1. Install the plugin from npm (or yarn):
npm i --save @botonic/plugin-watson
  1. Add it to the src/plugins.js file by using the apikey, the url and workspace_id from Watson:
export const plugins = [
id: 'watson',
resolve: require('@botonic/plugin-watson'),
options: {
apiKey: 'apikey',
url: 'url',
workspaceId: 'workspace_id',


You can use it in your routes like any other NLU plugins:

export const routes = [{ intent: 'getWeather', action: ShowForecast }]
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