Plugin Segment

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What Does This Plugin Do?

This plugin uses Segment to clean, collect and control customer data. It helps monitor performance, define decision-making processes and identify customers' interests.


  1. Run npm install --save @botonic/plugin-segment to install the plugin.
  2. Add it to the src/plugins.js file:


export const plugins = [
id: 'segment',
resolve: require('@botonic/plugin-segment'),
options: {
writeKey: 'YOUR_WRITE_KEY',


The default behavior of this plugin is to:

  • Identify the user during the first bot interaction.
  • Track track a page event to Segment from then on.

If you prefer to track your events manually, you can add the flag trackManually: true in your options. Once set, you can use them inside the method botonicInit on each Botonic component you want to track:

static async botonicInit({ input, session, params, lastRoutePath, plugins }) {
let { segment } = plugins
let userId =
let event = 'This is the name of the current event I'm tracking'
let traits = { name: 'Peter', email: '', plan: 'premium' }
await segment.identify({
userId: userId,
traits: traits
let properties = {
name: "Some interesting data",
value: "14.99"
await segment.track({ input, session, userId: userId, event, properties })
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